Recommending The Innovation Crew

Our team have received a number of recommendations for our work with biomimetics:

“We are working with The Innovation Crew on the next big thing in packaging for our range of produce for our retail customers.  Whilst our initial view was to focus on developing the type of packaging, we realised during the workshop that the scope needed to encompass all aspects of the customer and consumer experience. Using the Business Biomimetics approach we identified a massive growth opportunity that added more value for the customer and the consumer.  We have experienced a great new way of problem solving and also found it a motivational way to bring people from across the business together. By using nature, it allowed us to think about our problem and has given us a new energy to do something about it. It’s the first time I have sponsored a piece of work where every participant wrote to thank me afterwards. Good value all round.”

Ann Savage, Group Technical Director, Bakkavor

“unlike other innovation approaches business biomimetics also grapples the challenges of implementation” – Jo North, Commercial Director, Northern Rail


“I enjoy working with Cathy very much. I have found her extremely effective at bringing people together to provide solutions. One of Cathy’s strengths is bringing ideas to the table from a different sphere, which, when coupled with her pragmatic approach, is a powerful combination.”
Brian Crombie, Leader – Packaging Specialties, Europe, SunChemical

“Cathy is very knowledgeable and a great source for information and identifying new professional contacts in a wide range of technical areas. She provides excellent on-time innovative services at Faraday and has a positive and flexible approach on progressing projects.”
Suren Solanki, Head of Group Innovations at SSL International

“Cathy’s extensive contacts coupled with her understanding of a wide variety of packaging subject matter makes her an important first point of contact to gain expert advice or specialist knowledge. She may not know personally but she sure knows someone who does!”
Steve Pye, Technical Service Manager, Consumer Board at Walki Ltd

“I came into contact with Phil and “biomimetics and innovation” at a meeting in Bristol and found the approach both innovative and insiteful. As a means of unravelling a business problem or market dynamic the approach is extremely clever.
For anyone looking for a different approach to developing business strategies I would highly recommend it.”

Harry  Roberts, Partner Exeter Office, Smith & Milton limited


“Phil brings an innovative and challenging approach to organizational development and change.I am aware of some of the clients he ahs worked with in my industry and the thought provoking appraoch he ahs adopted to management and customer service development.”

Martyn  Brocks, Programme Commercial Manager, Strategy and Commercial, London Underground Ltd


“Phil has helped deliver some excellent pieces of work that have had a direct impact on cost improvements; making a 10% saving on £3m of annual staff costs while improving overall levels service. Thanks for your support.”

John  Newell, Assistant Director Organisation Development, NHS Trust


“Phil worked directly with me and my team to help improve our business development skills and processes.
Phil’s quite unique talent is to be able to effectively coach individuals through challenging thought processes and getting people to think throug situations, bringing traditional teaching and best practise into play only when it is required. This way my whole team underwent desmontrable improvement and did so in a way that meant we have undergone noticable improvement that has embedded itself in our way of working.”

Peter  Forth, Amdocs PLC


“If you are looking to offer a refreshed perspective on strategy and change to your managers then Phil is highly recommended. He facilitated a two day workshop at Bristol Zoo for our Directors, innovatively using the location as a springboard for deep thinking and intellectual challenge. Phil then followed this up with more specific work on organisational change. Although respectful of individuals and the organisational context, Phil readily challenges any complacent or loose thinking and supports the drive toward integrated planning and making the transition from strategy into implementation. He is results focused but sensitive to the impact the transition process itself can have. Phil utilises rich imagery, drawn from his academic research to frame constructs in an accessible way e.g. the difference between striving to create a better caterpillar rather than nurturing the transition to a butterfly! On an interpersonal level, Phil is sharp witted but never snide. He is a thorough professional who can be relied upon to deliver on his promises and is very entertaining and informed company.”

Jane  Coope, HR Director, Guide Dogs


“Was exposed to Phil’s research during a professional development meeting.  The power of the bio metaphore blew me away with potential applications in all situations and sectors.  Want a creative approach to problem solving?  Have a look.”

David  Wilson, Managing Director, Noetic


“Being used to a variety of different creative problem solving tools and techniques, Biomimetics offers both a fascinating and refreshing addition. Phil’s work in this area is outstanding. Not only is he able to very confidently describe and “teach” the theory, he is also very adept at applying it in real life situations. In an age when we are increasingly reconsidering our impact on our environment what better way of looking for innovative solutions than with the help of nature itself.”

Wayne  Batty, Programme Manager, Northern Rail


“Phil brings unique insights into the world of work and human behaviour. He has deep expertise which is combined with a a collaborative delivery which engages his audience. I have worked with him more than once and would be delighted to do so again”
Phil Walker, COO, Capgemini


“I found Phil’s take on Biomimetics to be a fresh approach to problem solving and design solutions that potentially offers a way forward when other avenues aren’t giving results. In addition to this Phil is an inspiring and motivational speaker who can and does take audiences on a journey with him to bring his approach to life and find those elusive solutions.”

Graham  Brent, Regional Project Manager, Britvic Soft Drinks


“We wanted to understand what Biomemetics could  do to help us in our Innovation process. Phil is a very able and enthusiastic presenter and inspired us to look at a couple of technologies that otherwise we may not have considered. Phil has a very much “out of the box” way of looking at things which encourages good lateral thinking.”

Kelvin  Pitman, Open Innovation Director, Crown


“Having seen Phil at work I strongly recommend his unique style to those who want to look outside the box. So often we base our ideas on what we know and experience. I found Phil triggered alternative thinking and presented it in a simple and entertaining way that introduced concepts and ideas to look again at what we do.”

David  Hawkins, Director of Operations, Partnership Sourcing Limited


“A constant challenge to solving business problems is that we perceive all issues from a similar perspective; it’s where we come from…Phil’s biomimetic approach looks at how nature solves its own problems, with focus on necessity rather than with prejudice or a subjective perspective. Applying biomimetic experience and research to business problems is not only effective and refreshing, it can also be great fun! Phil applies his ideas clearly and lucidly and I highly recommend his approach as a new and exciting addition to the business toolkit.”

Paul  Moloney, Director, CoastAMS Ltd


“Phil has a broad experience across a range of industries that he was able to bring to bear to the potential offered by biomimetics.”

Adrian  Dickinson, Innovations Director, DHL Exel


“Phil is a very experienced Business Consultant and is able to gain the commitment and attention of senior executives very quickly. His methods and approach are both innovative and effective and inspire those he works with.”

Neil  Bray, Head of Business Transformation, Thales

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