The Innovation Crew

The Innovation Crew something different

The Innovation Crew is an innovation agency providing the development of new products, services and new ways of working. It draws its design inspiration from the study of biology, bringing together a new perspective on the challenges of developing competitive advantage with real world business experience.

The Innovation Crew is a partnership between Thoughtcrew – experts in biomimetics and change, shoodan – experts in sales,marketing, customer experience and insight and the Retail Centre of Leeds Metropolitan University. This core team brings together a unique perspective that has in-depth research in biology and its application to business challenges.

By coupling design with original research, commercial nous and strategic innovative thinking, it is possible to come up with something very different. And because it is based on the study of biology, we believe it is naturally different.

We use these lessons from biology in our business to drive our business model, prioritise our resources and focus on our profitable survival. We also apply this approach when working with our select team of specialists who bring rich diversity to the design and implementation mix. To find out more download this short presentation.


The Innovation Crew is a division of Thoughtcrew Limited (

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